Big Homie Street Mentoring

Big Homie Street Mentoring

Mission Statement

Big homie Street Mentoring started in 2017

We are Credible Messengers in our Communities

Street Mentoring is our mission and it includes

Violence Prevention,Mentoring, Education.

Street Mentors are Credible Messenger

Street Mentors aims to disrupt violence by

  • Canvassing

  • Identify

  • Introduce our Street Mentors aka Credible Messengers

  • Intervene-mediate to prevent further retaliation that can turn deadly.

  • Follow up and Monitor to make sure theres no retaliation.

  • Always Be available.

A Message From Our Founder


  1. Whether you are interested in finding assistance, volunteering your time, making a donation, or just passing by, I welcome you to our community. Big Homie Street Mentoring and Street Ministry are two outreach programs designed to empower individuals to make healthier life choices. We have a diverse group of support volunteers and participants. Additionally, both programs advocate for safer neighborhoods, incarcerated peoples, and minority rights.

Many of our participants come from underserved areas and have a troubled background. Rather than tell the participant what is needed and having the participant engage in what we think is beneficial, we collaborate with participants to set their own goal; then a plan of action is created.

Something unique to our programs is that many of our support volunteers live in the community they serve. Furthermore, majority have been previously incarcerated. These individuals have lived a similar experience to our participants (or what our participants are likely to experience) and have made the choice to help guide others out of the street life through mentoring, outreach, and community engagement.

Feel free browse through the website and follow it up with a call to talk with an organizational member and learn more about our programs, or visit our Events page to see if you can join us! Until then, please be safe and be well.


Tommy Acosta

Founder of Street Mentoring/Credible Messengers

Big Homie Street Ministry

Mission Statement

To build a network with ministries and to be able to work in unity doing street outreach and to search for those that are lost and be able to direct them to any Ministry that is supporting our mission to find a location to worship and provided any assistance to help them lift in spirit and self confidence.

Working with Several Ministries to create SAFE HAVENS to mediate any conflicts and to stop retaliation that can turn deadly.

Our Street Mentors go to target hot spots where violence is known and bring awareness and Rally up the communities and March for Peace around the city.

When the Outreach is done by all then we all Outreach as a whole. Everyone is impacted by violence.

  1. Our Outreach team is very familiar with high risk areas and Most of the team are formerly incarcerated people with having credibilty in their communities by

  2. We do not work with Police or Informants

  3. We dont ask Questions about any shootings.

  4. We are here to stop the violence and improve saftey environment for our neighborhoods.

  5. A Credible Messenger can always Intervene

and have life training experience.

A Street Mentor can be found in your neighborhood.

Our Core Values


Whether you are a volunteer or participant, the Big Homie organization empowers you by sharing knowledge and be able to build a trust circle among all supporters and members.


Regardless of skin color, creed, or sexuality, we accept you. Our desire is for an inclusive world where people help without hesitation.

Below are Organizations We Collaborate With